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  1. Math for Kids & Other People Too!
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I might have made it my goal to get onto the Fire team by my senior year. My main reasons for participating in ARML were that I enjoyed working on the challenging problems and liked being around other people who were into math. And of course, the trip to Penn State was a big plus. So I ignored the playbooks and the solutions packets. I became friends with some of the other girls, and spent two years on Team Thunder.

Math for Kids & Other People Too!

Being on Thunder was great. No one expected us to do well, so there was no pressure, but at the same time we could still share in the excitement when Fire came out on top. During that time, I had a lot of other things going on in my life besides math. I was a black belt in karate and spent many evenings taking and teaching classes at my local dojo. In my senior year, I finally made it to the Ice team, where I was the only girl that year.

Here's how to get your children feeling good about maths

On top of that, I was appointed captain, which meant that I got to tell everyone else what to do during the two team rounds. While Fire was the National Champion that year, the Ice team and I had our own little moment of fame when we came in third in the B Division.

This meant that for at least the next three years, Ice would be in the big leagues, required by the competition rules to compete in the A Division. Rifkin says the school's curriculum is based on Russian teaching traditions that emphasize reasoning and deeper understanding early on, not just memorization and practice drills. The story of Russian math in America begins with a real arms race: the nuclear face-off between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War.

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That emigration, mainly of Russian Jews, began as a trickle in the s. But as the Iron Curtain lifted, it turned into a great exodus, including an estimated half a million people who came to the U.

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Life in America was working out well, until her son Ilya was in eighth grade and she got a life-changing shock: She realized he didn't know any of the math she expected him to know at that age. And all of us engineers, and all of us making money with math and science, this is what let us become independent so quickly. And our kids, they don't know it, so what are they going to do? When the Russian School of Mathematics opened at her home in , she expected mainly Russian immigrant families to enroll, and many do.

Here are eight reasons why kids dislike Math

But with the rising importance of technology and science in the economy, plenty of other families see the virtues of Russian math, too. A few voices from parents who send their children to the Brookline branch:. Joanna Messing: "We looked at the American mathematics program and American scores, and it was underwhelming to say the least. Dominic Nicholas: "[Our son] had some natural proclivity for math, and we wanted to have him reach his maximal potential.

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  • And it didn't feel like that was necessarily going to happen in public school. Rafael Irizarry: "Our biggest fear was that she would think math was boring and not interesting and not like it, and Russian math has saved us from that. They were "not just sets of problems but also deep explanations," Gerovitch says, helpful references if students couldn't understand classroom work.

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    Itina, at the Studio of Engaging Math, helped write some of those Russian textbooks, and now enlivens and adapts that material for children in Brighton. She says math inevitably involves some work — just as playing an instrument requires practice — but the key to teaching math to kids is to understand that they can work well only if they're emotionally invested.

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    • So a typical math problem at the studio might involve the geometry of a princess' castle, says Itina's daughter, Anya, who teaches there. Mathematics is one such problem in our minds and inevitably, it gets passed on to our children. Counts till Have you been in a class where the ones who can solve a sum are considered smart and the ones who cannot are not? In our society, to be skilled in Mathematics defines smartness. Maths is a just a subject and everyone is bound to fail at it, once in a while.

      Not all sums can be completed correctly all the time. So why attach a smartness tag to it? His mom has been cajoling him to solve the sums for the last half-an-hour, but he just lacks the motivation to do it. His statement reflects his reason. One of the most important reasons why children dislike Math is because our methods of teaching do not involve fun. Those are just four books! Obviously, if something is hard plus purposeless, kids will be averse to it!

      Have you been to a circus? Do you think they learnt it overnight, at one go?

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      Solving Math is like walking on a tightrope. Some children take time and go slow. Maths is a fear because we expect all kids to understand it at the first go. Do we have enough provisions for those who take time?